Westwood Literacy Center: Past and Future
As of this date, a number of church members have trained as tutors and worked with literacy learners. This includes Marion Burkey, Larry Oppliger, Tom Willson, Nancy Snell, Helga Mortenson, and Dori Ravotas. Emily Hazel, Deb Lindstrom, and Dori Ravotas have also trained to be temporary tutors with learners who are using a computer test preparation program. The center has also sponsored some educational programs for everyone. These programs were on nutrition (Emily Hazel), children’s health, and the upcoming senior health seminar.
We have more opportunities going forward! In addition to regular tutoring we want to expand our Expressways computer program which prepares students for the SAT and the Accuplace now used by KVCC. Commitment is only 10 weeks and we need those who can explain math and/or reading and writing. I have also worked with the Kalamazoo Literacy Council to develop materials that teach about important health concerns while at the same time teaching reading. We will be looking for people who are willing to meet for three or four sessions with students who don’t have a trained tutor yet. Finally, we are also planning a summer health class at our church that will offer this focused type of literacy training to ESL students and possibly GED students. These programs close down in the summer and this would help prevent the summer slide and focus their learning on information everybody should know. No health background needed but we need people willing to help. All materials are supplied for all of the above. For more information call Dori; 269-870-5282

You Can Help With the English Language Summer Program!

“Training for English Language and Literacy Tutors in May:  Trained tutors can take a classroom role in the Westwood English language program every summer. They also can work individually with learners every week or fill in for a drop in session.  Is this your year to become a tutor?

A virtual training session will be available several times a year including every May prior to the start of the Summer program. If you cannot attend one of them there will be a recording you can watch,  Most tutors enjoy the opportunity to work with others on the important goals of learning English or learning to read. You can sign up for the training at:  Upcoming Events – Kalamazoo Literacy Council.   For more information contact Dori Ravotas at doris.ravotas@wmich.edu.

We have two new opportunities this summer:


For those of you who love to work with children we need help with our intergenerational class where parents and preschool children learn English both separately and then intergenerationally.


We are also using a new approach with those who have no English that mimics the way we all learn language when we are young. You do not need any special language skills for this. If you can point and say English words. while engaging with human beings you can be very impactful with our learners.


Anyone can volunteer to tutor throughout the year.