Westwood UMC

Director of Fine Arts Ministries

50% Full Time Equivalent
SCOPE: The director has primary responsibility for the planning and development of the fine arts ministry of the church in collaboration with the worship ministry of the church, and other duties outlined by the SPRC. This is a ministry staff position.
REQUIREMENTS: This position requires a multiā€talented musician. The director should have practical experience in planning worship and in participating and leading worship services. He/she should have a shepherding pastoral heart for those participating and worship services.
  • He/she must have the flexibility to work with or oversee leadership in groups of all age levels.
  • In addition, considerable sensitivity is required to ensure respect for the diversity of atmosphere between Traditional and Contemporary worship.
  • Work to develop Fine Art group offerings according to present need or vision for incoming growth.
The Director reports to the Senior Pastor.


  1. Directs the Adult Choir, and administers the Adult Handbell Ensemble and Praise Team
  2. Oversees and trains leadership or personally conducts other fine arts groups as needed.
  3. Oversees and supervises the Organist/Accompanist at Westwood
  4. Ensures the coordination of fine arts within the worship life of the church.
  • Bring glory to God and minister with the congregation through the selection and use of Fine Arts.
  • Craft (in partnership with the Sr. Pastor and worship team) effective worship services; and Coordinate the presentation of worship on Sunday mornings.
  • Schedule fine art offerings for worship and maintain information in the worship Grid.
  • In consultation with the Sr. Pastor, plan, select, and program fine art offerings for regular and special worship services, and coordinate the specific types of service music, and other special participation to best facilitate effective and coherent worship and allow adequate preparation time for all soloists, ensembles, and instrumentalists.
  1. Supervises, develops, and trains volunteers for participation or leadership within this area of ministry.
  2. Oversees and assures maintenance and care of all equipment for this area of ministry.
  3. Evaluates and suggests equipment needs for this area of ministry.
  4. Participate in staff meetings, staff trainings/retreats, and team building opportunities as requested.
  5. Holds regular office hours in addition to worship, rehearsals and meeting times.
  6. Meet with people as required to coordinate upcoming events, groups, and special offerings for worship and beyond
  7. Extend the Fine Art Ministries out into community as a service to the Kalamazoo area.